PNW Truecrime Fest

October 8th & 9th, 2022

Disturbing Interests preforms in Auburn at PNW Truecrime Fest which is being hosted at Greenriver College.

Lynn told the story of Edmund Creffield and the Holy Roller Cult and Regina told the story of Mia Zapata, the late and great singer. If you want to see the live performance click here.

Disturbing Interests Joins The Darkcast Network

November 3, 2022

In November of 2022 Disturbing Interests became the newest member of the Darkcast Network.

For a full roster of the Darkcast Network's creepy, cool, and brilliant shows click here

Merch Shop Launched

November 6, 2022

Looking for some merch that will show off your love for the disturbing? Want a card proving that you are a Dr. in Aswanology? Need a shirt that warns others of the Bundy Suswagon? Do you desperately need to show others that you understand the true meaning behind Caw-CAW Motherf#%kers? If so then this is where you want to go!

Support our disturbed ladies, and rep your Disturbing Interests at the same time.

All images available on multiple items, just select see more items to see full collection.

Events & Updates

Events & Updates