About Us

Your dynamic duo of all things disturbing met over their mutual love of a very popular true crime podcast.  After many months of trying to decide if the commitment levels were real, Regina sat down with Lynn in a coffee shop and they decided to make it happen.  I know, so Seattle right?

Hosts: Regina King, and Lynn Rosskamp

Regina King, the Evil Queen

Regina has had life long disturbing interests.  Her top favorite disturbing interests are, H.H. Holmes, the mystery: did Hitler actually escape, Yokai, and ancient sacrificial practices.  Her more typical interests quickly betray her to be the geek that she is.  A true Whovian, who loves good anime, and comics (especially Batman) when the Evil Queen is not practicing her evil rule over her kingdom then she is probably gaming with friends or creating art.  She likes to paint, craft things out of paper, sculpt, and much more.  If she is not doing one of those then you will find her out on the town living her best life around Seattle, usually with her charming husband Mr. Meow.  Will you actually find her?  Probably not, like the best vigilantes, the Evil Queen wears a mask.

Lynn Rosskamp, The Docent of Darkness

Lynn is a professional artist, and a docent for a Seattle Art Museum.  The only one of the two who can say that they are as 'mad as a hatter' with any legitimacy, having once been a hatter, she knows how to keep it strange.  The Docent has a big heart for animals and is virtually a modern day Willard, sans the ability to control her rats.  She has a large family of rats, and cats who eat up her undivided attention any chance that they get.  Her tiny fuzzy ones are often mentioned but never heard from on the podcast though.  She creates amazing etchings that can be found at Pike Place Market, that fascinating Seattle tourist trap that you know you want to visit, as well as on her Etsy shop.  Lynn is a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and his creations, especially that god of madness Cthulhu, art history, the hand of glory, and Japan.  Lynn is married to the very tall, very German, Wilhelm, known as Will by most, and Rat Daddy by those who are ballsey.

Neko The Podcat

Neko is a delightful stripey, tortoise shell cat.  She was rescued out of a shelter in Arkansas as a kitten and given over to a life of pure pampering.  She has not always had it so easy though, it is believed that she was born with feline herpes which, before diagnosis caused her to have some severe dental damage and marring in one eye.  Fortunately, as a young cat, she managed to find a good vet and get it all taken care of. 

During her time in Oregon she had a bad relationship with a crow that left her a little scarred, but every bad relationship does.  He may have taken a piece of her ear with him, but her pride remained intact.  So, she picked up the pieces of her life and relocated to Seattle where she sits in her cat castle, stares out her large picture window, and silently judges all of those beneath her on the ground level.  Her days are spent tearing up cat toys, and being adored by her fans.  You may follow her house cat adventures on Instagram @NekothePodcat