Disturbing Interests

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What Is This Madness?

Have you ever caused an uncomfortable social situation from having a less then mundane conversation? Have you made a date question their safety with your serial killer knowledge? Do your friends pop an eyebrow when you start talking about the fascinating points to mummification?  Well if so then you are in the right place! Welcome to the website for Disturbing Interests, the comedy podcast that delves into the dark things that we find fascinating and then jokes around about it.  Why? Because you have limited choices in this world, and we choose to laugh about spooky shit.  The content might be considered disturbing by some, but if you are one of us you will know with out a shadow of a doubt.  The content contains graphic language and topics, so please be aware that if you are a kiddo, or have a dainty constitution, then you might not want to listen.  However, if you want to know more about cannibals, killers, ghosts, shrunken heads, shanghaiing, or a plethora of other interesting and disturbing things then buckle your seat belt Bunky and enjoy the ride.

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Photography by: Super Nova Haze, and Wil Fitzpatrick